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यदुपचितमन्यजन्मनि शुभाशुभं तस्य कर्मणः पङि्क्तम् ।
व्यञ्जयति शास्त्रमेतत् तमसि द्र्व्याणि दीप इव ॥


तस्मादीदं कालविधानशास्त्रं यो ज्योतिषं वेद स वेद यज्ञम् ॥

Dr. Karabi Bezbaruah is a renowned astrologer in Guwahati since the year 2009. She is famous for practicing astrology in Guwhati which makes her a known face all over the region. Being a famous astrologer specialized in horoscope, she helps the people in solving the issues in a family matrimony marriage and legal affairs, property disputes and also in business.

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Vastu Specialist

Vastu shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture which literally translates to "science of architecture."


Palm Reading Expert

Palmistry or Palm Reading is the characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm.


Vedic Numerologist

Numerology is a branch that depicts a divine relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events.

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Zodiac Signs define a person's various aspects of life. Your personality, perception, career choice varies largely according to your sign.
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Career Problems may vary in terms of age, ambition, qualification. How a person can grow in his profession, We can suggest better by checking his Karma bhab in Horoscope.


Educational problem may occur due to various reasons like lack of money or concentration, failure in exam, results are not good according to preparation etc.


This is a problem which can be seen in people belonging to any age group, profession or job. It will lead to failure in your projects, Relationship, Results and various other fields.


A question asked several times to an astrologer, when marriage will happen, how the life partner would be, will the marriage lead to a successful story, dealing with failed marriage etc.

Marital Life

Marital life problems may come from the relationship of husband and wife, financial issues, from the relatives, for the adjustment and sometimes due to doubts about the relationship.


In this world, everyone wants to fall in love, but for some people it may be a bad experience, with the help of astrology anyone can try to manage and solve the problems in his/her relationship.

Kalsarpa Dosh

It Someone is facing Kalsarpa Dosh in Horoscope, then that kind of people may face many problems in life, specially he or she may be drop at the last moment at achieving success.

Manglik Dosh

It is a highly discussed problem in astrology, Due to this problem in astrology, Due to this problem people can suffer in Health, Family life, Marrital issues, Accident, Separation from Spouse etc.

Kemadrum Yoga

Kemadrum Yoga is known as Sanyash Yoga too. This Yoga is one of the most important yogas formed by moon. This yoga is formed when the second and 12 house from the moon are vacant. As moon is known too be the Karak planet for the mind according to astrology. It is usually seen that a vacant mind thinks about a lot of useless things and makes a person reckless. People having this problem may face the problems of liquid Cash.

Name Analysis

Name can bring success and happiness. If you are going to start a business, give a name that will lead to success of your business. We'll analyse the name with the help of numerology.

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